Best Juicers Review 2024

Hey, we shared the list of the best juicers in the market, starting from mastigating juicer to Brevile, Hamilton juicers and so on.

Best Juicers On The Market 2024– Juicer Reviews

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You are welcome to my Best Juicers on the market 2024 blog! My name is Anthony I love juicing, and I like what a good juicer can do when it comes to healthy living.

If you are intent and interested to know more about juicing and how to pick the best juicer on the market to buy in the market for making healthy juice at home, you have come to the best place!

best juicers on the market

It is good to think about what you would like your juicer to do before you purchase one, so here I have put in information that might be useful and helpful for you to choose the right juicer for yourself.

I gather most of this information from my experience and on the research that I have carried out while shopping for a good juicer for juicing.

Type – Centrifugal, Masticating or Triturating

Centrifugal juicers are juicers that grind produce at high temperature, probably removing valuable nutrient and enzymes from the juice; and, they are the least expensive when it comes to price.

Triturating juicers press the juice out of your produce, retaining and protecting the maximum amount of nutrients and are, as a result, the most expensive juicer.

Masticating juicers are somewhere in between. They grind by chewing the fruits and vegetables with a slow-spinning drill bit, effectively juicing every last drop out of the fruit and produce a little amount of heat when juicing, protects the nutrient of the juice.

We have picked one of the best masticating juicers for those who are in more juicing for the purpose of tier health

Unique Features

Just like blenders, juice makers should have quite a few different settings to choose from. Our favourites have up to five different speed settings for different types of juice.

Most vegetable juicers come with a detachable pitcher that you can easily use to serve the fresh juice. Others have an onboard spigot or a measuring cup attachment that will dispense the juice. We prefer the detachable pitcher for clean-up and convenience.


A juicer, centrifugal, masticating or triturating with a high-quality strainer is a must. The juicer’s strainer is what catches the pulpy, fibrous material, the better the strainer, the less the pulp in your juice.

It is also helpful if the strainers, and all other parts of the juicer, are dishwasher safe. That way you can simply pop the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and get right to enjoying your freshly prepared juice.

Juicing whole fruits and vegetables is an easy way to take those essential members of the food nutrients.

Freshly squeezed juice is additives free, preservatives or extra sugar. If you are still on the fence, it is essential to think of adding a juicer to your kitchen tools as a way to improve your health.

How to Choose the Best Juicers on The Market 

I believe there is no single perfect juicer on the market for everyone since everybody has different needs for a juicer.

Certain people like to drink only citrus fruit juice, some like to juice vegetables and some like every kind of juice! That’s the reason why you should think twice before buying the great juicer that someone else is raving about.

And the thing to consider is a big difference in the price of the juicers. How much are you willing to pay for the right juicer that fits and suite your needs? We got our Breville juicer for a little less than $280, and it definitely gave us more than its worth!

At least, first, you have to choose the type of juicer you want:

2024 Best juicer on a budget

  1. Citrus juicer – Very cheap and basic juicer that juices citrus fruits only. The price is range from ($20 – $100)
best juicer review
  1. Centrifugal juicer – The most common juicer around that juices most kinds of fruits and non-leafy vegetables. There are different types of Centrifugal juicers in the market and their price is very affordable at a range of $50 – $200.
Best Juicers on the market
  1. Masticating juicer – Single gear masticating juicer; juices most kinds of fruits and vegetables. Masticating juicers can also make mushy foods. ($100 – $300)
Best Juicer

4.Triturating juicer –This is another type of juicers that protect the nutrient of the juice more than most juicers in the market. It also has known as a Twin gear triturating juicer; juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, protect and prevent more of the enzymes in the juice from undamaged. Most Triturating juicer can juice wheatgrass too. The price is ranging between $250 – $950

best juicer review
  1. Wheatgrass juicer – Usually made for juices wheatgrass only, but some of the new models can juice fruits as well. If you are interested in juicing Wheatgrass and other types of leaf I advise you to get a Wheatgrass juicer from $200 – $800.
best juicers review

Most people did get a bit confused with all the different type of juicers, but I have spent a long time finding out the difference between them.

Well, I have done some research with my experience on juicing and compiled the information here for you: Type of Juicers. Or you can follow the links above to find the best type of juicer for you.

You can also find my juicer ratings for each type. OR, if you just want to get details of what everyone else does, check out my post on the Top 5 Best Selling Juicers of 2017.

Best Juicers on The Market 2024 – Our Top Picks

I have taken time to check out a lot of juicers and picked out some best-rated juicers from owners and experts for you so that you can save some research time, and I categorize these top-rated juicers below.

In these juicer reviews, I’ have detailed what people and I like best and least about these juicers, and why I consider them the best in their category with reasons they might be the right juicer for you.

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Citrus Juicers

Top Citrus Juicer – For those on a budget and only drinks citrus fruit juice, definitely our best and a top pick for the juicer with the best value.

Centrifugal Juicer

Best Centrifugal Juicer – There are many Centrifugal Juicers in the market but our top-rated juicer that Juices fast, easy to clean and simple to operate. My personal favourite and highly recommended!

The best Budget Centrifugal Juicer – Powerful juicer at an affordable and reasonable price.

Best Efficient Centrifugal Juicer – It is a very powerful juicer that doesn’t waste any bit of the fruits

Big Mouth Centrifugal Juicer – It incorporates a wide feed chute juicer for those who need extra capacity.

Best Masticating Juicer

Best and Top Rated Masticating Juicer – Your best vegetable juicer that juices wheatgrass, vegetables and fruits at a relatively inexpensive price. Retains the nutrients and prevent the bioactive flavour in your juice!

Triturating juicers-Twin Gear Juicer

Best Twin Gear Juicer – A great juicer that keeps your juice fresh up to 72 hours with technology.

Wheatgrass Juicer

Best Wheatgrass Juicer – Manual but simply the best juice extractor when it comes to wheatgrass..

So…Which juicer should I buy?

The No 1 question people ask when they are deciding which juicer to purchase: Is it easy to clean?

Unfortunately, our time-saving mindset will not work with a juicer. Juicers will not save you time but they may save your life, and I assume that is time-saving in the big scheme of things.

Even the so-called best juicers are not easy to clean but, from cutting to cleaning, some are certainly better than others.

Due to the large hopper, the Omega Big Mouth juicer will be the fastest, from start, operate to clean up. The Omega Juicer will take a little longer but is still an easy juicer to clean.

When I say longer, I mean about a minute. And for you, that might end up at the back of your deepest cupboard.

So, after years of juicing, I have come to a very simple conclusion of what is the most significant quality of a juicer: Pick the one you will actually use.

NOTE: The best juicer is the one that gets used frequently enough that has a positive influence on the owner’s health.

Best Juicers – Top Picks

Well, let me say that the difference between having a juicer and the best juicer machine is that you will love to go back to your best juicer over and over every day to get delicious and healthy fruit juice.

Is it not a much better habit than drinking a lot of tea or coffee? Cheer

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