Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650 Review

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro 67650

Hamilton beach big mouth pro 67650

The Good:

Hamilton beach big mouth Pro 67650  juices fast, it is very easy to clean (5 minutes by hand, no dishwasher), very easy to assemble/disassemble and easier to operate.

Powerful motor & easy to handle, it is inexpensive and saves more time. It is fast and makes nutritious juice.

The Bad; Not easy to clean complaints

The Bottom Line: Depending on what you want and need, you may get a different juicer. But for the price, it is impossible to get a better general-purpose juicer like this on the market.

The big mouth Pro 67650 works flawlessly when it comes to extracting juice from whole fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables, and tomatoes with efficiency and speed.


  • The big mouth Pro 67650 has a makes up to 24-percent more juice than a leading competitor
  • Fits whole foods for fast and easy juicing (less prep time required)
  • Hamilton Beach 67650A Big has Die-cast metal locking clips fastened securely for safe operation
  • It has an extra-large pulp bin that lets you juice longer and add nutrient-rich pulp to any recipe
  • It incorporated with removable, dishwasher safe parts makes for easy assembly and clean up
  • The (Hp) motor has the power to extract juice from the toughest produce
  • Plus extra-wide 3″ chute fits whole fruits and vegetables, eliminating extra prep time.

Hamilton beach 67650h extractor 

If you are tired of those expensive, sugary juices filled with preservatives and questionable additives? The Hamilton beach big mouth juice extractor can take your nutrition to the next level and help you kick-start a healthy lifestyle within a minute.

Eating healthier and combining fruits and veggies into snacks or meals doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or time-wasting. In no time flat, Hamilton big Mouth Pro extracts the juice from a whole apple.

This kitchen staple and secret weapon show that there’s a fast, easy way to add more produce into your daily diet. There is no need for adding sweeteners or preservatives, making juice the ultimate healthy drink.


The Hamilton Beach juicer 67650 comes with healthy recipes and suggestions for adding more vegetables to your day and “smart shopping” for the flavour and the season. Make one of these healthy, delicious recipes to taste the difference in freshness:

Need something other than juice? The Hamilton beach big mouth Pro 67650 is really perfect in this aspect. It can help children, teens and adults get their daily vitamin intake with the choice of making or producing soy, almond or rice milk.

To start, just soak one cup of soybeans, almonds or rice in four cups of water for 24 -48 hours in the refrigerator, and then gradually pour one cup into the food chute. The liquid extracted from the soaked mixture is the “milk.” For improved milk flavour, consider adding vanilla or honey.

    Easy To Cleanup

The Hamilton beach big mouth Pro 67650  is very easy to clean. For easy cleanup, run the strainer basket under water and brush off excess fibre build up or pulp with the cleaning brush.

The pulp bin container can be easily emptied during juicing by turning OFF the extractor and carefully removing it from the unit.

Owners of the Hamilton Beach juicer said the juicer is also working very well and efficient if you are making juice from the hard stuff. Its pulp will be fine, moist dust and there will be very little waste.

 Real Customer Reviews

One of the reviewers said the juicer is amazing, works so quickly. It saves so much time. Glad I made the purchase.

Another reviewer explained that the Hamilton beach juicer 67650c works and works well but it is a little bit hard to clean and somewhat underpowered. For the price, it fulfils the promise.

Most of the Hamilton beach big mouth pro reviews are positive except for one complaint that it is very difficult to clean. This may happen due to the user error but it is better to let you aware of the complaint.

At the time of writing, it has 2037 reviews on Amazon.com

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Hamilton beach big mouth pro juice extractor 67650: Conclusion

The faults with the hamilton beach 67650c juice extractor are no faults with this particular model, but with all centrifugal juicers. A masticating juicer would produce less waste but would be much slower to operate and a citrus juicer makes citrus juice only.

If you are looking for a top-rated juicer that is easy to operate and clean without any stress consider investing in Hamilton beach 67650c juice extractor.

If you also want to check other types of juicers, here are a few I think are worth considering when it comes to quality and durability.

If you have any questions about juicers, let me know from your comment. Also, in case you need any recommendations on any types of juicers.

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