Black & Decker Cj525 Review 2022

We give you the details of the Black and Decker Juicer cj525 Review. The Black and Decker Juicer is among the best juicers in the market, and they have good customers review and ratings.

Black & Decker Cj525 Details and Review

Black & decker cj525 citrusmate plus citrus juicer

The Good:

  •  It extracts the maximum quantity of juice
  • It has adjustable pulp control
  • A Black and decker citrus juicer is an automatic self-reversing reamer with a stirrer
  • Easy-pour spout
  • It has small and large cones for lemons/limes and oranges/grapefruits

The Bad: It made up of plastic

The Bottom Line: The Black & Decker cj525 citrus juicer work great and most of the owners and experts recommend this juicer. It is very easy to operate and use,

The juicer only needs to install the cone you want to use (Include two cones, making it adaptable for different sizes of fruit), plug it in, and press the fruit down into the cone, then go to work automatically.

 Black & decker cj525 Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches ; 1.6 pounds
  •  Shipment weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Shipping: Presently, Black and Decker CJ525 can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • Black & Decker ASINB00004SC51
  • Item model number: CJ525

Black & decker cj525 -Design

The Black & Decker cj525 was built with a capacity of more than a quart (34 ounces), this electric juicer can prepare family-size portions with little operator effort. It is incorporated with large and small cones that fit on the reamer to accommodate different-size fruits.

The reamer of Black & Decker CJ525 automatically reverses itself to extract the maximum quantity of juice, while a stirrer presses the juice from the pulp in the strainer.

The black and decker juicer was built with adjustable control that regulates how much pulp goes into the juice. For storage, the cord wraps in a slot around the base, and a cover protects against dust. It is easy to hand wash in warm soapy water.

Easy to Operate

Black & decker cj525 citrus mate plus citrus juicer is a great first juicer or a good juicer for somebody who doesn’t juice every day, Black and Decker’s citrus juicer is a good choice for the best citrus juicer under $120. It will fit into every budget and still make lots of fresh juice.


Black and decker citrus juicer cj525 has more features than most other juicers in the same series:

  • Very easy to operate with one hand and it doesn’t try to walk across the counter
  • CJ525 doesn’t have a spout, so it can’t drip juice all over the counter
  • It has a built-in pitcher, so you don’t have to waste a glass
  • It contains two cones, one for oranges and a smaller one for lemons
  • The juicer has a piece of plastic attached to the bottom cone that moves the pulp around in the pulp tray to get more juice out of it!

CJ525 is a wonderful juicer, I thought it might be too slight since it is very cheap, but most experts and professionals bought it because the brand is good and well known.

It is powerful enough and the magnificent part is that the cj525 citrus juicer is so quiet which is very difficult to find in some juicers. It is made up of plastic and felt a little lightweight, but it works really well.

If you have not bought a juicer and wonder if you really need one when you can just use a reamer or a citrus squeezer, all I can say is that having a citrus juicer to prepare citrus desserts such as key lime pie and lemon cheesecake seems far more reasonable, and it’s kind of exciting to juice fruits at any rate.

If you doubt it, here is what customers from are saying about it

Black & Decker CJ525 Citrus Mate Plus Citrus Juicer

Black & decker cj525 citrus mate plus citrus juicer as at of time of writing this review, it has 343 reviews and is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, as at the time of writing this review.

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Black & Decker Cj525 Review: Conclusion

Of course, it’s a matter of individual preference. I know quite a lot of people who have purchased and love the black & decker cj525 and its plastic material. People found the Black and Decker juicer CJ525 feels best on their counter.

It is lightweight, performs really well, and is less expensive than the champion Commercial Juicer.

For most people, I think the black & decker citrus juicer cj525 is the way to go when it comes to Citrus Juicer.

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