10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger For Your Body

Health Benefits of Ginger for your Body

Health Benefits of Ginger
Ginger is one the healthiest and delicious spices on the planet. It’s used regularly in cuisine from all around the world because of it’s delicious taste, but it’s also loaded with bioactive compounds and nutrients which have great benefits for your health, your body, and your brain.

10 health benefits of Ginger that are backed up by scientific research:

1. It’s packed with Gingerol, giving it powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

2. It’s extremely effective against nausea, meaning if you suffer from sea sickness, morning sickness, or you’re vomiting due to chemotherapy, or even if you just feel a bit sick, having some ginger can help to alleviate your symptoms!

While ginger is considered safe, make sure you check with your doctor before consuming ginger while you’re pregnant, as there is some evidence to suggest it can increase the risk of having a miscarriage if you consume large amounts.(1)

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3. It works well to help reduce muscle aches and pains; so if you’ve had a hard training session at the gym and your muscles are hurting, try having some ginger with your dinner and feel the pain disappear. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties in ginger.

4. You probably know somebody who suffers with osteoarthritis, it’s a very common health issue. Try recommending they slip some ginger, mastic, cinnamon, and sesame oil into a paste and apply it topically on the affected areas to help reduce the stiffness.

The study focused on around 250 people who had osteoarthritis of the knee. The participants who took the ginger extract turned out to have less pain and required less medication.(2)

5. In a study performed in 2015, a number of participants who had type 2 diabetes ingested 2g of ginger powder per day, and the results showed that this lowered their fasting blood sugar levels by 12%!

The study also showed a dramatic improvement in the HbA1c levels (which shows your long term blood sugar levels), leading to a reduction of around 10% during a 12 week period.

So, if you have type 2 diabetes, incorporating ginger into your daily diet could help to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

6. Ginger can help with digestion, so people who have chronic indigestion can alleviate some of the effects by incorporating some ginger into their diet too. A study showed that eating 1.2g of powdered ginger before a meal actually helped to empty the stomach with a 50% acceleration.(4)

7. Menstrual pain affects women all over the world; some suffering worse pain than others. A recent study showed that ginger worked as a method of reducing the pain caused by a woman’s menstrual cycle, when taking 1g of powdered ginger per day for the first 3 days of the menstrual period.

The study was conducted while also using ibuprofen alongside ginger, but the results speak for themselves.

8. Another study showed that consuming 3g of powdered ginger per day reduced the cholesterol levels in all of the participants of the study. So, if you suffer from high cholesterol levels, taking some ginger every day can help you to reduce them.

This study lasted for 45 days, and took part with 85 participants who had high cholesterol. Taking just 3g of powdered ginger each day, they were able to make significant reductions in their cholesterol markers.

9. Although the findings in this study are controversial, there is evidence to suggest that ginger may help to prevent cancer. The anti-cancer effects are attributed to 6-gingerol, which can be found in large amounts within ginger.

10. Who doesn’t want their brain to work better? There is evidence to suggest that ginger can actually help to improve brain function, as well as protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

There was a study of 60 women, all middle aged, where they consumed powdered ginger every day, and the results showed that their reaction time and working memory improved in almost all of the participants of the study.(5)

There you have it; 10 incredible health benefits of ginger for your body. A daily dosage of ginger can help you keep your brain sharper, improve your memory, keep your blood glucose levels in line, help alleviate nausea, aid digestion, relieve muscle aches and pains, plus so much more.

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I’m sure after reading this, you’ll be looking to incorporate ginger drink into many more of your home cooked dishes – and why not? It’s super tasty, and super healthy too! I, for one, will certainly be incorporating a healthy dose of ginger into my diet every day.

In case you have question on the health benefits of ginger,kindly let us know from the comment.