Green Star Elite Gse-5000 Juicer Review

Green Star Elite Gse-5000 Juicer

The Good

  •  It makes high-quality juice.
  • With Green star Elite you can make sorbets, nut butter, etc.
  • Extract juice of better nutritional content
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  •  12 Year Warranty

The Bad: It requires effort to push the product in the juicer

The Bottom Line: The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer make you experience fresh juicing, and for those who want to make wonderful recipes like nut butter, sorbets, as well sauces and pate or just use a lot of fresh juice.

Experts comment on this juicer as the amount of pressure that is required for pulp ejection can easily be adjusted which helps to prevent the bio-active flavour and nutrients of the juice from being destroyed.

Feature and specification

  • 110V Model
  • Tribest green star elite GSE-5000 built with an automatic pulp ejection for non-stop juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables, grinds nuts and grains
  • Works as a food mill for the preparation of baby foods, nut butter, sorbets etc
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Movable with a balanced sure-grip handle for easy carrying
  • Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer has 12 Years Warranty

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer-Performance

The Tribest GSE-5000 Green Star juicer is one of the world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. Incorporate Exclusive Jumbo Twin Gear technology with a low 110 rpm, easy to use without clean difficulty, the Green star Juice and Food Processors are award-winning juicers of unsurpassed quality.

According to Independent laboratory tests, it was confirmed that the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer extracts a greatly higher quantity of minerals than “leading” juicers.

The concentrations of essential minerals, like iron, calcium, and zinc are 50%-200% higher in juice from the Green star than from other name-brand juicers. Your guarantee of drinking raw juice can really instigate to pay off!

What’s inside the Box?

  • The green star elite Gse 5000 is equipped with four different screens to accompany your juice and food adventure, the Green Star Elite is the most versatile machine juicer.
  • It contains a fine screen to extract juice with minimal pulp;
  • The abrasive screen to extract juice with more pulp mixed in;
  • The breadstick (mochi) maker is set to make and prepare delicious raw breadsticks and rice cakes.
  • All Green star juicer models also conveniently include a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger, and cleaning brush.

                   Pressure Regulating Mechanism

With green star elite gse 5000, you can easily adjust the amount of pressure that is required for pulp ejection in order to effectively and efficiently handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging.

Different types of juicer produce require a different amount of pressure within the juicing chamber in order to be most efficiently processed.

With Green star, you don’t need to stop juicing before you can adjust the amount of pressure – allowing you to use a wide variety of produce in one session for your maximum convenience.

Versatile Capability

With the Green star juicer 5000’s list of features and innovative design, it offers unprecedented versatility not only in what you can juice but you can create in your kitchen!

The Green Star has the capability and ability to create wonderful recipes like nut butter, sorbets, as well sauces and pate.

The twin gears juicer act as a food processor breaking down the produce to make a delicious dessert or snack for you and your family.

High-class Magnetic and Bio-ceramic Technology

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer has great features built with high-class magnetic and bio-ceramic technology that allows it to extract the juice of higher nutritional content.

The magnets make a focused magnetic field that readjusts clusters of water so that it can latch on to more of the important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and extract them into your juice.

The presence of bio-ceramic material inside the twin gears utilizes the kinetic energy of the turning gears to emit infrared- the wavelength at which water and all organic material naturally oscillate.

This has a stabilizing result on your juice by delaying oxidation and allows your extracted juice to remain fresher longer.

With the Jumbo Twin Gears, the juice can stand up to 72 hours in the refrigerator with a minimum loss of nutritional value.

The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer -Ease of Use

One of the owners of Green star Elite juicers said is the best juicer on the market. The owner has been juicing for 8 years with other juicers such as  Breville juicer and an Omega 8006 but nothing compares to the quality of juice you get from the Green Star Elite.

The Tribest Green is a good juicer, it is far superior. The Green Star feet are underneath the body, so it’s just a little wobbly.

It’s not a problem, more of a minor annoyance. With a Green star GSE-5000, there are fewer parts to clean, no crevices that are difficult to clean, and less cleaning of the gears/screen while juicing.

You will get higher quality juice with a twin gear than any other juicer, so these are the best juicers for the job. However, most people say the best juicer for YOU is the juicer you use.

 Green Star Elite Juicer -Durability

Amazingly sturdy-The Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer receives the highest mark possible for construction in one comparative expert test — quite a compliment for a plastic appliance.

A few complaints from owners that the juicer is hard to clean, but, in general, this juicer gets very high ratings for sturdiness and long-term durability.

Overall, owners and experts alike say this is a great value for the price. The juicer is backed by a 12-year limited warranty and we found a lot of praise for Green star GSE-5000 elite jumbo twin gear juice extractor friendly, helpful customer service.

Real Customer Reviews

I love Green Star Elite. It works great and cleans up easily. A reviewer said I had a different juicer and there was so much pulp in the juice and it was always getting clogged.

The Green Star Elite has no problem juicing all of my vegetables plus celery without it getting clogged. There is more juice and very little pulp.I am so glad I made this purchase as it makes great sorbet desserts as well.

Another reviewer said it needs to clean the gears and screen often, particularly if juicing pineapple or orange but it works great compared to other juicers on the market, very easy to assemble and dissemble.

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As of the time of writing, this juicer has 144 customer reviews and is rated 4.3 out of 5 on Averages. Most of the reviews of this product have been positive except for one customer who complained that the product is difficult to clean, though it is not a widespread complaint it is very important to let you know.

If you are looking for a Complete Masticating juicer that stands out among the rest, very easier to assemble/disassemble and clean, then we suggest you should consider investing your money in Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000.

In summary, the Green star GSE-5000 elite jumbo twin gear juice extractor has received good comments from both owners and experts as it can easily handle most tasks you throw to it.

Green star elite is one of the highly rated and flexible Masticating juicers in the market today. Most buyers of the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer are extremely satisfied with their purchase and would likely recommend this juicer to others.

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