The Hidden Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Hidden Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big problem for American population. Young age subject to fast food, sweets and carbonated soft drinks, which are not rich in nutrients but rich in sugar, preservatives without calories.

Once people passes a certain weight limit, controlling it becomes practically difficult. This is where the diet struggle start.

Research shows that most overweight people want to shed their pounds as fast as possible.Most people will even starve themselves, hoping they will re-claim the looks they once had.

Those people should know that by starving, the body is deprived of the essential nutrients that are needed to support life. This is how they develop severe anemia or other nutritional illnesses.

When this happens, they look for medical doctors who put them back on real food. Soon, they return to their unhealthy eating lifestyles and the pounds return, even in bigger numbers.

What is rapid weight loss?

Traditional diets explained that everything that’s more than 2 pounds a week is considered rapid. The calculation is centered on the conversion of pounds into calories.

If a weight loss program assumes a calorie deficit bigger than 1000 calories a day, it will be very tough to compensate with exercise, therefore the person won’t be able to get the minimum amount of nutrients the body needs.

It’s funny what most people do to lose a few pounds as fast as a couple of days. They have very short term goals. For example, a girl might want to lose a 3-4 pounds from Monday to Sunday, because she’s going for a party and she wants to fit inside a specific dress she loves.

For that matter, she’d starve herself for 4 days, without considering she might hurt her stomach or even trouble her metabolism. If she doesn’t drinks enough water, she might also experience dehydration. This is a huge price to pay for simply fitting into a dress.

A very long term low protein diet will cause malnutrition. It will also lead to muscular mass diminishing, because the body will consume its own protein when it doesn’t get it in the food. Protein is found in muscles.

When you lose weight, you want to eliminate the fat, but you need to keep your muscular mass intact. This is major reason why you need a minimum protein intake no matter what diet you decide on.

Research shows that rapid weight loss greatly increases the risk of developing gallstones. This risk occur whether the weight loss is intentional or not.

If it is unintentional, a visit to a medical doctor is recommended as soon as you notice it, even if you were overweight. Losing weight without doing anything for it seems awesome.

There might be circumstances when rapid weight loss is actually needed and recommended by a physician. Weight loss surgery, for instance, may involve the patient to lose a significant amount of weight in order to become eligible.

Still, such cases will always be carefully monitored by specialists, so that the risk of developing secondary conditions is reduced.

If you were thinking to start rapid weight loss diet, make sure you meet your doctor for advice first to avoid the risk.