Champion Juicer G5-ng-853s Review

Champion Juicer G5-ng-853s Reviews

The Good:                                

  • Easy to use!
  • Stainless steel.
  • Improved model!!
  • Quick Clean up.

The Bad: The unit is heavy and bulky

The Bottom Line:champion juicer g5-ng-853s household is performing excellently, an exceptional Masticating Juicer in nearly every way except its bulky and heavy. It looks very smart on the kitchen counter and small semi flat filter screen is easy to clean. 

 Champion juicer g5-ng-853s review – Ease of Use

The Champion juicer is really easy to set up and use, unlike other juicer that take pain to set up. The continuous feed feature of Champion allows making large amounts of juice without intermittent cleaning.With the screen removed, it’s a mincer. With the large hole screen, the juice is pulpier, my best preference. You can buy a mill attachment to mill small amounts of nuts, flour or flax seed.

Messy -The juicer is alright in that regarding but not great. It’s not as messy as some people clam. Clean up is quick and easy. Disassemble is a breeze. Unlike other juice machines with many parts and hard-to-clean screened centrifugal baskets, the g5-ng-853s champion juicer has a small semi flat filter screen that is easy to clean.

           Champion juicer model g5-ng-853s review Great Design

The champion household juicer was built with the plastic parts very tough nylon but stain easily from food. The stains go away in the dishwasher. The juicer champion has a great features and it has voted among top rated juicers in the market. The residue is usually reasonably dry. It can be run through again to squeeze more juice out of it. The residue can also be used as mulch or to thicken and flavour soups and stews.

The champion model motor has almost never stalled, though it has slowed with carrots or cabbage if  there is too much pressure. Just a slightly decrease pressure on the tamper and the motor speeds right back up.

Champion juicer g5-ng-853s review – Durability

I know someone who has had the same commercial champion juicer since the 1990’s and still uses it.

With champion juicer you can roll the leaves of cabbage or lettuce and juice them though it does not juice grass. It doesn’t juice leaves as good as other juicers, but it’s perfect for occasional use or if the leaves are to add flavour to other juices. If you are a person who only eats raw food, you would probably benefit from a slow speed gear or screw press type unit instead, even at double the price.

The champion unit is heavy and bulky,it has the 1950’s utilitarian styling that is why many people love it but I’d recommend getting another best juicer if it needed to be stored or kept in a cabinet after each use.

It really perfect for making peanut butter, good juices and fruit sorbet. For these sorts of things, the Champion is great. If you like putting frozen fruit into it to make yummy, no-sugar-added desserts and since Champion juicer has a continuous extraction, it doesn’t get clogged. After some years, champion is still going stronger.

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I found 40 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Champion Juicer 4.2 stars out of 5 on average.

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Wrapping Up

the champion juicer commercial can handle most tasks you throw to is one of the highly rated and versatile juicer. Most buyers of this juicer are really pleased with their purchase and would recommend this champion masticating juicer to orders.